NicTool Demo Site

See how easy managing DNS can be! Click one of the demo site links, at left and log in with the username: and password: test as show below.

The username for dnsadmin is test.

We have also set up other DNS management applications for your convenience. Log in, create some DNS zones, and see what capabilities each application offers. Use that to help you determine the best way to meet your DNS management needs.

Of course we think NicTool is the best but I have used VegaDNS and it is too is quite useful, although much simpler than NicTool. I'd recommend it for use when only sysadmins need access and you only have one DNS server (or identical cluster of servers) to manage.

If you have problems logging into the NicTool demo, read the login name and password paragraph more carefully and try again.

NicTool Login Demo screen